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We work to ensure your success from the very beginning, helping your events reach their full potential.

Your very <br />own account <br />manager.
Your very
own account
Our team of event experts work with you and your team every step of the way.
24/7 support whenever you need it
Onboarding plan tailored to you
Expert advice to reach your goals faster
Your very <br />own account <br />manager.
We ensure your <br />event success.
We ensure your
event success.
Access a wide array of services and resources to build and customize your event. - from your event goals, event types, deadlines and all that jazz.

Christopher LaBonge,
President, Trolley Barn

"We can’t say enough about the support team and their assistance in the on-boarding process."

Christopher LaBonge,
President, Trolley Barn

Unleash your <br />full potential.
Unleash your
full potential.
Together we cover all aspects of using Tame, enabling you to get more out of your events.
In-person demo's
Personalized training sessions
Access to online academy
Unleash your <br />full potential.
The last event platform you'll ever use.
Let's find the right solution for your events during
a catered walkthrough of our Event Marketing Platform.

A demo with Tame includes:
- A personal tour of how Tame works
- A recommendation of how Tame can meet your needs
- Pricing details & engagement model
- A Q&A with one of our event experts

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