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28th Jun, 2018 ―― 2 min read

Barcelona’s AI community uses Tame to build a powerful community

Natalia Pachon
Senior Marketing Manager
Tame helped BNC.AI gathering like minded AI and Machine Learning enthusiasts in Barcelona with the purpose of turning the city into the AI hub that it has the potential to be.

Barcelona has plenty of talented AI researchers and practitioners from various universities, startups, and corporates. However, to reach the full AI potential that the city has, it is essential that there is a community and a common meeting place, and that’s exactly why BCN.AI was created. To accomplish this, they organise bi-monthly paper presentations and speaking sessions from the best researchers and practitioners.


Dazzling, isn’t it?

The Challenge


Given the goal that BCN.AI has, a major priority for them is to guarantee that the people who has a shared passion and interest for AI are informed with the meet-up details while is important for the organiser to have the information of their attendees in one place and available at any time.


BCN.AI acknowledges that event planning is time consuming and most of their time was devoted on big picture details, such as logistics. Like many other event organiser teams, their time was limited and they were urging for a tool that saved them time so they could focus on what was important, which is creating a great event.


Here is where Tame came to the rescue. 🚀

How Tame helped:


A beautiful, customized and responsive event website.

Without previous training, the organiser was well-equipped to create the beautiful meet-up website in just couple of steps. The design was customized with brand, could be easily replicated for future meet-ups, and it looked pretty on every screen 🙌.


A ticketing platform that got all the tickets sold out in record time.

The beautiful and simple event website design allowed each invitee to have all the information of the event and easily register to attend, which led to all the tickets available to be sold in a blink of an eye.


An on-hand list of attendees automatically created

The real stress-free and time saving experience happened behind the scenes. The event website allowed the organiser to have a list of confirmed attendees with the complete information that he needed and available at any time. 💯

Johan Bender,
Founder of

"Super cool product, delicious design, lots of potential and cool tools. It made possible for me to put it all up in record time.”

Johan Bender,
Founder of

With Tame, BCN.AI was able to reach more people and sell out their event tickets while the event organizer was more efficient in the event planning process. “Tame for me is saving time on administrative work that can be automated and getting more time on making the event better” says Johan.

Are you ready to be more efficient in the event planning process yourself?