Our best Programme yet: smoother feel, faster workflow and cleaner design.

Ideation/brainstorming is possibly the most crucial phase of any event. What should happen? When should it happen? Where should it happen? And hey, who's going to be speaking there?

At Tame, we’ve seen it happen in a million ways, from setting up the agenda in spreadsheets to drawings sent to a graphics agency, or simply writing it out in plain text. 📝


We’ve had a strong core belief that a lot of the event planning is centered around the Programme, which just further supports the case that it needs to be visual and smooth. 

Drag to create 🎉

We went into a focused process of solving the user experience the best way possible, looking at UX from Outlook and Google Calendar; how do you set up a timeslot for something, in the simplest way possible?

We found the drag-to-create is the most intuitive and smooth interaction.


Here’s how you create a session now:

  1. Click on the desired start-time
  2. Drag it down to the desired end-time
  3. Release the mouse button
  4. Voila! Your session is created!



Re-size and span across tracks

We also found that the easiest way to resize and span across tracks, is to make it as flexible as possible; just click and drag it however you want. ☺

Here’s how you re-size a session:

  1. Hover the session
  2. Click in the bottom right corner, where an icon appears
  3. Drag it up and down to adjust time
  4. Drag it sideways to span across tracks

Drag and drop 🔥

Drag and drop works the same way as before, but without the delay and lag. The session is now moved instantly – a visual programme builder that responds to your actions as you take them.


Here’s how to drag’n’drop:

  1. Hover the session
  2. Click and hold
  3. Drag to desired new timeslot
  4. Release mouse button
  5. Boom.

Assigning and managing speakers 🎤

Our speaker ‘window’ needed an overhaul. We replaced the UI component with a more intuitive way of re-using or adding new speakers.


Here’s how to re-use or create:

  1. Click the drop-down that says ‘Add Speaker’
  2. If you already added speakers, you can choose one of them
  3. If not, you can write the full name of your speaker (ie. Peter Parker) and that person will also be added to the ‘Speakers’ module.


To manage Speaker details, this is how you do:

  1. Add a biography on the speaker by the note icon
  2. Assign a status to the speaker (ie. Confirmed)
  3. Assign a role (ie. Speaker or Host)
  4. Assign a ‘Last Contacted’ date (ie. when the last communication took place)
  5. Assign a responsible (ie. you or someone on your team)


We removed the ‘Contact & Social information’, to reduce clutter and focus on managing the Speakers on the sessions. ‘Contact & Social information’ can of course still be viewed in the Speakers module. ✌



Create a new track 

With Tame, you can use multiple tracks, across multiple days with sessions overlapping.


Here’s how you create tracks

  1. Find the ‘plus’ button on the right side of your screen
  2. Click it and choose ‘Add another track’
  3. Add in the name of your new track
  4. A wild track appears!


Start and end time ⏰

To change the start and end time of the programme, find ‘Event Info’ in your sidebar (hint: it’s a cogwheel) and change the start- and end time.



Publish the Programme for the world to see 😍

Building Tame it was important for us to let the attendees have an experience even before attending the actual event. We’ve made the Programme interactive, allowing the attendees to get inspired and explore through the sessions (and speakers, too!).


To publish the Programme, this is what you have to do:

  1. Go to ‘Event Info’ module in the left sidebar
  2. Find section ‘Publish to Website’
  3. Publish Programme
  4. Go check out your published Programme 😎

That’s it! We hope you like the new, updated Programme. ❤

Let us know what you think; is anything missing or what would you like to see next? Are you ready to make the leap into smooth programme creation for your event?


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