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4th Dec, 2018 ―― 3 min read

A Check-In App that seriously speeds up your event registration

Natalia Pachon
Senior Marketing Manager
Quickly scan and validate tickets, sync attendees lists in real-time across multiple devices, notify your team, and much more.

The check-in at any event is crucial. It’s the first in-person interaction that an attendee will get and it takes an important part of the overall impression they’ll get about your event. Taking that into consideration, we knew that it was essential to develop a tool that will make your life easier by guaranteeing a smooth check-in process. Introducing: The Check-In App.


Avoid long lines

Quickly capture your attendee info with just a few taps, scan their ticket with your phone or tablet, validate it and keep track on who has arrived.


Sync across devices in real-time

Choose your preferred device, whether that is a phone, a tablet or a computer, check your attendees in, and all other devices will be synchronized.


Automatically notify your team

Anyone from your team can access the list of checked in attendees and we guarantee you: it will always be updated!


With the Tame’s new Check-In App, a powerful attendee registration tool is delivered to your fingertips


Step by step:

To Check-In your attendees on-site with ease, these are the simple steps to follow:


1. Sign in

Simply put the same name and password that you use in Tame’s web platform and sign in.


2. Pick the event

Select the event that you want to check attendees in from the list of events that you have in your platform.


3. Scan the QR code and validate it

Your guest will bring their ticket which contains a QR code, scan it with your phone or tablet and it will be automatically validated.


That’s it!, your attendee then will appear in the “Check-In” module.


Supported Devices:

To make it easier for you, we made sure that you can use the Tame Check-In App either if you have an IOS or an Android device:


  1. Tame Check-In App for iOS
  2. Tame Check-In App for Android


So, are you ready to make your check-in smooth and have happy attendees?


Sign-Up or contact our sales team to start checking in your attendees with ease with the Tame Check-In App and much more.