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17th Jul, 2018 ―― 3 min read

Check out our new Check-In 😍

Natalia Pachon
Senior Marketing Manager
We recently launched Notes and just a few days ago we announced the possibility of selling tickets in more currencies. Now we’re back with another valuable feature; The Check-In module. 🎉

Tame enables you to plan and streamline all your event planning, and now we’re proud to introduce an essential feature that allows you to check in your attendees on the day of the event (because let’s be real – attendee registration and check-in kind of go hand-in-hand). 👫   With Tame’s new feature, you will:


Fast and effortlessly check in your attendees ✅

Quickly click to register attendees, they’ll automatically go to the Checked In list. Yup, it’s easy!  


Use any device, at any time 📱

We know how event planning is, that’s why we give you the freedom to use your preferred or available device.  


Keep everyone posted👆

The attendees’ list is synchronized in real-time so anyone in your team will always have the updated information.   From any device, at any time, you’re now able to quickly check in your attendees on the day of your event 🙌 


Alright, let’s get to it. The Check-In functionality is very simple.  


Anatomy of the Check-In module ⚙

  • The Check-In list is a 1:1 version of the Attendees module
  • This means every single attendee added either manually or through ticket sales marked as ‘Attending’ will also be visible in the Check-In module
  • There are two filters: ‘Not Checked In’ and ‘Checked In’


To check-in an attendee ✅

  • Go to the Check-In module (located under Ticketing in the sidebar)
  • You’ll see a list of attendees and a checkmark to the left.
  • Click the checkmark and the attendee is now checked in and will now be moved to ‘Checked In’


To check-out an attendee 🚷

  • Go to ‘Checked In’ filter
  • Click the checkmark and the attendee is now back in ‘Not Checked In’


So, the first on-the-day feature is covered now, what would you like to see next? Let us know! Get started today for free on