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23rd Aug, 2018 ―― 3 min read

Companies: manage your stakeholders and save time

Natalia Pachon
Senior Marketing Manager
Company Contacts will allow you and your team to stay in complete control of Suppliers, Partners, and Exhibitors and save time by re-using data and knowledge from event to event.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that completely make your day. Tuesday cake at the office, a co-worker holding the elevator for you, running into a swarm of puppies or hearing about a new feature from Tame. Some, of course, is more likely to happen than others.   


Today is one of those days. We’ve released a big feature update that will save you hours and hours of stakeholder management, and make it easy, clear and transparent for everyone to know what progress is happening. As an event planner, we know that you’re constantly struggling to maintain an overview of all stakeholders and their progress, and waste time on communication back and forth.   


Well, awesome news for you. We’ve released Company Contacts, letting you stay in complete control of Suppliers, Partners, and Exhibitors, enabling you to work with them visually and re-use data and knowledge from event to event.  


Pretty cool, if we might say so ourselves. 🙌


Having the right overview with the new feature: Company will let you execute and communicate more efficiently, in a shorter time. The Company Contacts module includes full Supplier, Partner, and Exhibitor management, which will let you centralize all your information in one place, add their contact information and stay on top of deliverables.  



Add your partners’ contact information and categorize them into ie. Platinum, Diamond or Gold sponsorships.  



Add your suppliers’ contact information and categorize them into ie. Catering, Venue or AV/Sound.  



Add your exhibitor’s contact information and categorize them into ie. Startups, Corporates or Media. In every company, you can add a contact person (usually the one you’re in communication with). This contact person will also be added on the organizational level, making it easy to re-use the data and knowledge from event to event. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel every time.   


Intuitive and user-friendly

To use and serve as a natural part of effectively managing your workflow

Anyway, enough talking – here’s the A-B-C of creating companies. It’s important to note, that it’s the exact same flow you go through whether it’s a Supplier, Partner or Exhibitor.  


Adding a new company ➕

It’s very easy and incredibly fast to start adding companies

  1. Add the name of your company in the quick-add or click the primary red button.
  2. The Company is now created and you can start adding and managing data.


Add a logo ✅

It’s much easier to visually decode your companies if you add their logo.

  1. Hover on the circle in the top of the panel (yes, the one that says ‘Upload Picture’ :))
  2. Click it, upload, save. (Note: You don’t have to crop the images to a circle, Tame will do that for you.)
  3. The logo is now uploaded.


Add a note 📝

If you want to add a note to you and your collaborators to see, you can do it the following way:

  1. Click ‘Any notes on this…’ right below the logo.
  2. Add your awesome valuable notes
  3. Click outside the description field
  4. The note is added.


Add categories and add a responsible 👆

Categorize your companies and assign a responsible

  1. Click on the blocks to activate the drop-down
  2. Choose a category or assign a responsible for the company
  3. Done and done!


Adding and managing contact details ☎️

Now to the most important stuff – adding the information on the company. Remember the information you add can be re-used from event to event so make sure to be as detailed as possible:

  1. Add important company details like name, website, phone etc..
  2. Add social accounts of the company like LinkedIn and Twitter
  3. The information is added

   It should always have been this easy. 😛


Let us know what you think; what would you like to see next and what is missing?  Spoiler alert; We’re also working on a board view for Company Contacts, making it easier and more time efficient than ever to manage your deal flow from A to Z!


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