Run the door like a pro

Speed up
your event

Use our check-in app to register your attendees effortlessly using any device and automatically get your guest list updated so you keep track of who has arrived.

Forget about long waiting lines

An app that seriously speeds up your event check-in.

A good starting point.
A good starting point.
We know how crucial is the check-in for your attendees' overall experience. Use our check-in app to guarantee a great first impression!
Capture attendee data
Sync guest list across devices in real-time
Notify your team automatically
A good starting point.

Flawless check-in to your event

Tame's event check-in app eliminates stress by allowing you to check in your guests as quickly as possible.

Pen and paper are cool, but old-school.
Pen and paper are cool, but old-school.
Scan your attendees QR code printed in their ticket, quickly capture their info, and that's it! your attendee is checked-in. Automatically your event data is synchronized across devices and to your guests' list in real-time.
Fast and easy to check-in
Be constantly updated of your guest list
Save valuable time in your event schedule

So, are you ready to make your check-in smooth and have happy attendees?

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