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3rd Jul, 2018 ―― 3 min read

Notes: centralise all your documents and collaborate in real-time

Natalia Pachon
Senior Marketing Manager
Today, we're incredibly excited to make your life easier, by introducing Tame Notes, enabling you to centralize all your event documents and collaborate on them in real-time. 🎉

Keeping tracks of all the documents needed to plan an event is not easy. It often requires using a variety of tools (and a very structured overview) to manage everything from idea brainstorming to speaker’s invite templates.  We’re continuing towards our goal of centralizing all your Google and Word documents, completing your workflow and together with our Files module, covering all the basics of your event planning.


You can use notes for a variety of things, ie.:

  • 💡 Brainstorming / Ideas document
  • ⏱ Meeting minutes (weekly/monthly meetings)
  • 🚨 General updates to team
  • 📃 ‘Invite mail’ templates
  • 📃 ‘Follow up’ templates
  • 📃 ‘Thank you’ templates
  • 💬 Message board to the team & volunteers
  • …and so much more

Okay, now we’ve talked the talk, let’s walk the walk.🚶‍♀This is how we’ve built Notes to work for and with you:


Anatomy of the Notes module 🎨

The way we designed Notes to work is fairly simple and is built for clarity, overview, and collaboration. On your left side, you have all the notes that have been creating in your event. The notes are sorted on the top by last modified date.   


When you have a note open, you can see:

  • Title input field
  • Creation date (when was the note created?)
  • Modified date (when was the note last modified?)
  • Delete (functionality to delete note)
  • Rich text editing (lists, emphasis, formatting)
  • Content area (this is where you write)


 This is how you create a new note:

  • Click the red button to the right that says ‘Add Note’.
  • You’re now inside an empty note and the world is yours, Hemingway.


 This is how you delete a note:

  • Open the note
  • Find the trash can icon to the right (just under the red button)
  • Click it and confirm that you want to delete the note
  • The note is deleted. Great job!


Our powerful rich text editor ⚡


 Bullets & Numbered Lists

  • You now have the possibility to create beautiful lists for detailed instructions, giving feedback, organizing content, making meeting minutes and much more.
  • If you want to create a list, simply click on the bullet or numbered list icon, and you’ll have beautiful lists. Easy, peasy.



  • If you talk in a monotone voice, it’s difficult to get your most important points across and the same goes for text. You can now emphasize specific parts with bold, underline or italic to draw attention. We also allowed for you to choose between 3 different sizes of headlines, allowing you to emphasize important or specific information and structure text exactly how you like it.


 Format text

  • You’re probably familiar with the incredibly frustrating situation of copying text from elsewhere, only to see it completely shatter your work-of-art text setup. You now have the possibility to format text after pasting in, simply click the ‘T’ icon with a slash across it. Sweet Sensation.


Made for collaboration 🤝


 Collaborating on a note

  • The best work is done together, so creating Notes, it was important for us that you and your entire team can collaborate seamlessly in real-time. To collaborate on a note, simply start writing and you’ll see an indicator of the other collaborator(s) currently working in the same note as you.


 See who you’re collaborating with

  • When one of your team members is working on the same note as you, the profile picture of the collaborator will be visible just above the Title.



So, what do you think? ❤️ What else would you like to see in a notes module? Ability to add images/video, tagging/mentioning people or pre-defined templates? Let us know! 

Are you ready to start using Notes and access to your information when you need it?