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26th Mar, 2020 ―― 5 min reads

Tame announces four new virtual event products

Jasenko Hadzic
CEO @ Tame

At Tame we’ve always thought long and hard about what impact we want to have on the way people meet and interact in the context of business.


We’ve always aimed at helping organisations deliver great digital event experiences and push forward the boundaries of the potential that event technology could have on the meetings and events industry.


Today marks a very special day in our 4 year journey and we truly hope that we at Tame can help change our world for the better.


We’re all incredibly excited to announce four new upcoming products:

  • Live Stream: Our new video module that enables organisers to stream their events live
  • Live Webinars: Our new powerful Webinar module that empowers organisations to run the best digital webinars
  • Online Courses: Our new extension on top of Live Webinars, which allows educators all over the world to create and sell the best online courses
  • Virtual Conferences: Our new Virtual Conference module that enables organisers all over the world to host fully virtual conferences & events.


All of the above products are soon to be rolled out to most of our clients and hopefully will help new clients deliver even more amazing digital event experiences!



The event industry is facing it’s great transformation to date

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak has put pressure on the entire hospitality industry, and we covered the impact COVID-19 had on the Danish meetings and events industry not so long ago.


Many organisations have been forced to either cancel or move their events from pressure from Governments.
Venues and Hotels have been forced to shut their doors and cancel all their events, due to fear of an increased effect of the COVID-19 outbreak.


As of today we at Tame present an alternative path: Go Virtual!



The concept of virtual events

The concept of virtual meetings was truly pioneers by Skype and since then a lot of great organisations have tried to help the world become more connected through video.

But the very concept of virtual events is something we’re just in the very beginning of.


None of us really understand what it means to run a fully virtual event and questions like these arise:

  • How do you design the best virtual attendee journey from start to finish so that you increase the chances or learning and networking?
  • How do virtual events help us the marketing & sales teams achieve more?
  • How do you create the best virtual welcoming & reception to your attendees?
  • How do you give your speakers the best virtual tools to shine?
  • How do you facilitate networking breaks in a manner that doesn’t become too pushy?
  • How do you keep people focused and engaged from wherever they might be sitting – whether at home or work?
  • How do you actually great engaging digital experiences?
  • How do you make virtual introductions between two people?


…. and I could go on forever.


What is very clear is that virtual events and technology is here to truly re-define the way we go about designing digital event experiences.


And this is exactly what makes us so excited to be powering this immense change! 🙂


“As human beings we’ve always had a deeply rooted need to be social and the very best organisations understand this. They understand that the underlying  power of events is networking and education at its core and this is the very reason why we’ve seen an immense explosion of all kinds of different event types all over the world.  With the emergence of the COVID-19 virus many event managers and attendees haven’t been able to fulfil themselves and fulfil their attendees, as they’ had to postpone their events.


But no more. As of today, we’re announcing our new products that we believe will help shape the event industry for good. With these new products we want to enable event managers all over the world to keep creating, keep being creative and keep pushing our learning and networking to the next level.


We hope that our new products can help shape new connections that will ultimately shape the event industry as we know it.” Mickey Switzer Schubert Suell, CPO & Co-founder, Tame


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