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Every organization has different needs. We can help you with everything from Website Design to data migration.

Work with <br />professional <br />designers.
Work with
Make your brand come to life with Tames in-house art directors and designers, specialized in transforming your event concept into an amazing attendee experience.
Work with <br />professional <br />designers.
Data Migration <br />Services.
Data Migration
If your big worry is all the data you currently have locked up in other event software, fear not - we can help.
Personalized Data Migration Plan
Fast Data Migration
Secure Data Management

Anaïs Benazet,
Head of Community at Firstminute Capital

"The Tame platform is really easy to use and get used to, is extremely comprehensive, and can be moulded to fit the users requirements."

Anaïs Benazet,
Head of Community at Firstminute Capital

Features <br />& integrations.
& integrations.
Tame is a powerful and flexible event solution that can be expanded to any organizations needs.
Easy custom development
Customize to your needs
Accomodate your complete workflow
Features <br />& integrations.
The last event platform you'll ever use.
Let's find the right solution for your events during
a catered walkthrough of our Event Marketing Platform.

A demo with Tame includes:
- A personal tour of how Tame works
- A recommendation of how Tame can meet your needs
- Pricing details & engagement model
- A Q&A with one of our event experts

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