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21st Sep, 2018 ―― 3 min read

Have the complete information with Speakers and Companies Profiles

Natalia Pachon
Senior Marketing Manager
Have you ever struggled because you missed the picture of a speaker or the logo of a company? Fear no more, Speakers and Companies profiles is here!

It usually takes several emails back and forth to gather the complete information of all the speakers and companies participating in your event, and that’s time-consuming. We know that time is valuable for you, and that’s why we created the new feature: Speakers and Companies profiles, that will allow you to save tons of time by sharing their profiles so they can fill out the missing information themselves in quick steps.


A win-win for everyone! 🎉


Wonder what information your Speakers and Companies can add themselves? here is it:



  • Profile image
  • Description
  • Contact information
  • Social information
  • Attachments
  • Session information



  • Profile image/logo
  • Description
  • Contact information
  • Social information
  • Company contact person
  • Attachments


Having complete information about your speakers and companies have never been faster and easier. 🙌

Ok, now let’s get hands-on work, here are the simple steps to get your information completed by your speakers and companies:


Sharing a link

To share a link go to any of your speakers, partners, suppliers or exhibitors:


  1. Click on their profile and go to the bottom, you’ll then see the “Share company profile” option
  2. Click on the bottom to generate the link and there you go! Now you’re ready to send that profile!


Adding information

It’s very easy and incredibly fast to start adding the information:


To add a profile picture

It’s much easier to visually decode your companies if they add their logo. It’s also very useful when you’ll print the promotional material for your event.


  1. Click on “upload profile picture”, look for your desired image/logo in your files or drag and drop, copy and paste files.
  2. The image is now uploaded and your speaker or company can be updated at any time.


To add contact information

It’s very easy and incredibly fast to start adding the contact information.


  1. Click on either of the fields: Website, Primary Phone, Address, Postcode, City and Country and type the information in.
  2. Done!, you don’t need to click on any “save” or any other button, Tame will do that for you.


To add social information

Social information is always useful to let people find you and keep them in contact. To add it, follow similar steps as adding contact information:


  1. Click on either of the fields: LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram and add your profile link.
  2. Now is ready, you don’t have to press any “save” or alike button here neither 🙂


To add attachments

Often, there are files with important information about your speakers or companies like invoices or presentations. Tame has you covered here as well, they have the option to add any attachments to their profiles. To do it so:


  1. Click on the “+” icon under Attachments
  2. Select the category that the file belongs to
  3. Look into your files for the desired attachment and click on the “open” button.
  4. There you go! The file is attached.
  5. Now save information, and done! The complete information about your speakers or companies are there, and you’ll never miss it again!


As easy as that, now you’re ready to start using speakers and companies profiles.


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